An interactive, Monday to Friday, follow up through the Five S’s of: Solitude, Scripture, Service, Support, and Significant Events. For 5 days, the challenge takes you through the Five S Journey, whether individually, with your spouse, or in a small group—whatever works for you.

Not only is it summer vacation time, it’s also time for some fiveonfive and leaning into the principles that create the solid life you were meant to live—the one that stands when the storm strikes. With our fiveonfive challenges, we have a summer version to take with you anytime, anywhere where you can apply the principles of Jesus’ famous parable of the house built on solid rock versus a sandy beach. A beach is a great place to vacation but it would be a difficult place to build a house that lasts. And, one way to understand the power of the Five S's is that they are the way we build our lives on a solid foundation.

Download the fiveonfive app from Google Play or Apple App Stores. If you already downloaded, open the app and select the Beach challenge. Or, take the challenge online. Whether at the beach, on the lake, or by the pool, grab your beach towel and let’s hit the beach with Jesus as He teaches us how to build the life that lasts forever! (Don't forget the sunscreen!)


Ways to take the challenge:

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Jesus Hits The Beach
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