An interactive, Monday to Friday, follow up through the Five S’s of: Solitude, Scripture, Service, Support, and Significant Events. For 5 days a week over 5 weeks, the challenge takes you through the Five S Journey, whether individually, in a small group, or with family.

In our current challenge, we are taking a deep look at our family systems. For some of us, we will be looking at our system of origin so we can better understand ourselves and why we have some of the motivations we have. For others, we’ll look at how our present family system is affected by our internal combustion and seek biblical and graceful solutions to our “abundant” inner drive.

This challenge is divided into five weeks with each week focusing on one of our Five S’s. It starts on Monday, Apr. 24 (or you can jump in at any time). Take it individually, with your spouse, a group of friends, or family—whatever works for you. Simply download the fiveonfive app from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. If you have already downloaded the app, just open it up and click on Low Pressure Systems. Or, you can take the challenge online.  Through the challenge, we hope God will help us grow Low Pressure Systems so that his grace can work in and through our families!


Ways to take the challenge:

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