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PLAY Redux: 8/30-31/2014

By Laura Buffington

The Apostle Paul writes a whole lot about body issues.  For one, he writes about how important it is that every person who claims Jesus as Lord honor God with his/her body.  In the aftermath of Jesus' life and death and life again, Paul thinks our bodies matter.  Everything we say, eat, drink, along with all the ways we play, work and worship matters.  Our bodies are a way we can bring glory to God.  Or not.  

But he also says it's not just about our individual bodies.  The whole community is one big body that can bring glory to God.  With how all of us together eat, play and worship.  It's a really big idea for Paul.  He brings it up in the passage Charlie used this weekend: Romans 12.1-8.  He'll bring it up again in the passage we're looking at next weekend: 1 Corinthians 12.12-31.  If you spent this week reading both of these passages, you would probably see yourself and your church in bolder, richer, deeper ways.  

Consider this week how you PLAY: Can you describe your own Personality?  What are your major Learnings that you could pass along to someone else?  Name your Abilities.  Be honest and tell someone your real Yearnings, the things that break your heart.  

For an assist at naming your Abilities, be sure and check out this Assessment we've provided online.

And if you're already making some plays at SouthBrook and volunteering, be sure and be present the next few weeks at church.  We hope to Thank You and appreciate you and we'd love for you to receive your props!

Listen to the weekend message
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