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False Assumptions and Magnificent Truths: 7/16-17/2014

By Laura Buffington

Here's what I know after this week:  The world desperately needs more people who are living for, with, and like Jesus.

The world needs more people who know that the life Jesus prescribes and models for us is the absolute best way to spend whatever years we get.  The world needs more people who follow Jesus in the way of compassion, peace, wisdom and sacrificial love.  The world needs more people who are willing to weep for the way things are and weep with joy for how things could be.  

We need them in Iraq, in Ferguson, in Hollywood, in Miamisburg. 

Would you do some praying and reading about that this week?

-Read about the life of Jesus in the book of John.  

-Read about the days of the early church, especially this week, in Acts 2.

-Pray for people in our community to choose Jesus as a way of life.

-Pray for people caught up in cycles of sadness, violence, grief, addiction, shame, wherever they live. 

-Pray for peace to show up in unlikely places.

Try out the life of Jesus this week.  If you know of someone hurting, struggling, grieving, would you call them?  Write them?  Take them to dinner?

A lot of words were used this week to express and work out some of the things going on in our world. Even while global and national crises were going on, a lot of people were particularly grieved by the death of Robin Williams.  Here are some of my favorites from Ann Voskamp on mental health.

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