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Take Heart: 4/12-13/2013

By Laura Buffington

Jesus shows us a way to be human that is different than our regular patterns and the way the powers at work in our world tell us to live.  Living this way eventually leads Jesus to the cross.  As we stand in front of the cross this week, we have a choice to be less or more like Jesus. 

The question for us to think, talk, struggle, dream over this week is how our lives could be different on the flip side of Easter.  

Where in your life do you need to lose something to gain another?

Where do you feel stuck?

Where can you love? Forgive? Serve?

For more stories and pictures of reconciliation in Rwanda, click here.

If you're interested in N.T. Wright's Surprised by Hope, you can find it in our bookstore or for sale as a kindle book here.  (Bonus: I also leaned a little this weekend on a couple other books: In Search of Belief by Joan Chittister and The Way of Despair by Andrew Root.)

To read about the last week of Jesus on his way to the cross, spend some time in John 12-21.  

To pray and reflect on Easter and to celebrate communion, join us for the Easter Watch this Thursday from 4-8 pm.  It's a guided, self-paced experience for you to experience on your own or alongside your friends and family.  

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