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One: 3/28-29/2015

By Laura Buffington

We finished our Pi Maker series and turn towards Easter this weekend by talking about the cross of Jesus as a place that brings us together.  Moving together towards God can sometimes be difficult to do, especially in a world where we are fractured by race, age, gender, politics, class, music tastes, etc. We find a lot of reasons to stay separate instead of being One. 

But One is God's favorite number.  God brings people together into marriage, family, community, church, kingdom.  

Here are some ways to follow up and keep this weekend going:

- Read this great article on how the church could lead the way in understanding each other.

- Look around at great work by Christians of color.  Let them challenge, teach, or affirm you. I really appreciate the work of Drew Hart and Christina Cleveland.

- Listen to this powerful story from This American Life on how Three Miles can make all the difference in a young person's life. 

- Go back and read Ephesians 2, Galatians 3, Acts 2 and 11.  

- Pray this week for the grace to see your neighbors, your city and your world more like how Jesus sees them.  Consider what it might look like for you to be a bearer of peace and love where you live.  Jump in and pray during our Easter Prayer Watch any time this Thursday from 4 to 8 pm. 

- Make plans to join us on April 12 at 6:30 for the One Roundtable Night.  Come prepared to hear each other out, ask each other good questions, and reflect on the grace we all share.  

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