Unexpected Show
5 on 5


By Laura Buffington

DayOne is always important. DayOne in a child’s life is like no other. DayOne in a marriage is such a celebration that Jesus performed his first miracle at one. DayOne of someone’s eternal walk is marked at a memorial service to celebrate and remember that person’s life.

We want to make room for DayOne realities in the lives of people we impact and in the lives of the people we love. At birth. At weddings. At funerals. With our God.

A big part of our building expansion is creating a DayOne chapel where we can celebrate the lives of those just born through child dedications, the lives of those joining together through marriage, and the lives of those who have crossed over to eternity. They all mark a significant DayOne. And we want to serve this community on Days like that.

“It is DayOne in SouthBrook’s history.”

So, how can that be true of a church that celebrated its 25th anniversary three years ago? The answer is it has to be true. When a church is our age, we have to see every day as DayOne.

We want to make space for God to move.