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Gutsy Play, Pt. 1: 9/13-14/2014

By Laura Buffington

We should have all walked away this weekend with some hard questions to ask and answer:

-Who gets to tell you the truth about who you are?

-What voices in your life might have lied to you about your identity?

-Are there parts of your life you have tried to hide?

-What has to happen for you to face some fears and decide to get in the game?

Charlie used some good words from 2 Corinthians about sorrow and shame.  You may want to go back this week and check out the whole context there, particularly in 2 Cor. 3-5.  Paul wants them and us to know:

-We are being changed from fearful images to images of Christ.

-Our weaknesses are the places where God shows up.

-Our temporary pains can be permanent victories.

-God is in the business of making us new.

To watch Brené Brown talk more about vulnerability and shame, you can click here.  You won't be sorry. 

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