Love Letter Challenge

DayOne - The Future: 10/18-19/2014

By Laura Buffington

As we spend our time together on the weekend dreaming about what God might do in our church, we would be wise this week to take a closer look at what how God works in and through the church.  There is a great case study of church dreaming and generosity in 2 Corinthians 8-9.

By yourself or with your people, read through this section of Paul's letter and look for ways God shows up when people are generous. 

You might notice these recurring themes:

- God's people give whether they have a lot or a little.

- Giving is connected to lots of other demonstrations of faith.

- Love translates to giving.

- Sowing generously leads to a great harvest.

- God wants people to give with joy.

- Any gift we have comes from God, belongs to God, and we ought to hold it loosely.

- We are "enriched" by giving away riches.

- When people give, other people thank God and are pulled closer towards God. 

Where in your life have you seen these themes show up?

Where in your life can you imagine these themes, or these promises, showing up even more?

Pray for your own heart to be generous in all kinds of ways.  Pray for our church to be generous enough to catch the attention of those who aren't sure the love of God is real.  Pray we all sow wisely and bravely.  

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