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Crying at Night - Part 2: 11/15-16/2014

By Laura Buffington

As we heard from Ben Hardman this weekend, the story of the Hebrews can be seen as a story about Places: Egypt, the Desert, the Promised Land.  Wherever they were, they wanted to be somewhere else. This contempt for place translated into a contempt for God.  

As we hear the story, we hear ourselves.  Sometimes we literally wish away the life we have and the place we are.  Sometimes it's more of a metaphorical place we live in but don't want to be in.  

These are some of my least favorite words from one of my favorite writers (they are brilliant but so true, i can barely stand to read them):

"Most of us spend so much time thinking about where we have been or where we are supposed to be going that we have a hard time recognizing where we actually are.  When someone asks us where we want to be in our lives, the last thing that occurs to us is to look down at our feet and say, 'Here, I guess, since this is where I am.'" — Barbara Brown Taylor

So where are you?  Ask this of yourself and your friends this week.

You might answer this question literally and take some time to look around your place and your life to be grateful this week.  

You might answer metaphorically.  Are you in an Egypt these days?  Filled with comforts and oppression all at once?  Are you wandering through a desert hoping some city shows up soon?  Are you in a place that seems just like the kind of place God might want you in?

Is there somewhere you want to return?  Somewhere you keep in front of you so often you can hardly pay attention to the day?

This might sound weird but maybe this is a week in which you need to look down at your feet more often. What is it about the places you are in that can bring you some joy?

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