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Love In Bloom Old Book?: 4/18-19/2015

By Laura Buffington

Probably the best way for us to follow up on a weekend about the Bible is to jump in there and look around.  It's important  for us to investigate the authority of Scripture and to be responsible with how we interpret these words.  It's also important for us to read them, absorb them, and try them out in the world.  

Here are ten things we suggest for anyone new, or new again, to Scripture:

1. Be honest about what gets in the way. Whether it's time, doubt, priorities, insecurities, name what keeps you from reading the Bible.

2.  Pray before you ever open the book.  Recognize that there's something bigger going on here than just reading.

3. When you do open the book, pray the Psalms.  Let these words from the Old Testament be your words too.

4. Pick a Gospel.  Get to know the story of Jesus through Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.  It's his story that makes the rest of the story turn. 

5. Focus on small parts.  You may want to pick a small passage and read it every day for a while. Read it until you feel more like living it.

6. Try memorization.  Tuck away parts of Scripture in your mind and heart so they start to drive your day.

7. Use Resources, including other people.  Check out some of the books or studies in our bookstore.  Join a bible study.  Go to coffee with a friend.  Reading scripture with other people gives us all a way to bounce our ideas off each other and to see things in a clearer way.

8.  Obey what is clear.  There may be plenty of parts that don't make sense.  Start with the ones that do.  Live like those words might be true so that you crave even more wisdom.

9. Ask questions.  Don't be afraid to press against the texts and ask hard questions about what you find there.  There may be good answers to the questions you raise, or at the very least, you will find good company with people asking the same things.

10.  Keep going.

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