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Dollar Bill Serves: 11/21-22/2015

By Laura Buffington

If you haven't read the gospel of Luke before, this is a great week for it.  As you heard from Joe this weekend, Luke pays special attention to what it means to live faithfully in shared space with shared resources.  

If you want to just pick a few stories this week, here are some of the highlights:

-Jesus' first day on the job: Luke 4

-Luke's version of the Beatitudes:Luke 6

-The story of the Good Samaritan: Luke 10

-The story of the widow and her copper coins: Luke 21

In nearly every story in Luke, the heroes are a complete surprise.  They are the people who are usually depicted as villains, or outcast, or worthless, in every other story. But in the stories of Jesus, they are often the ones living with faith.  They are the Blessed ones.  

Is there any chance we could tell stories that turn outcasts into heroes?  Who plays the role of Samaritan in our world? In your world? 

If loving your neighbor means loving the person who is your opposite, even opposition, who do you need to love?

Joe gave us a few questions that we might ask ourselves and each other as we make our way through this week of gratitude:

-Should we give?  If we already do, should we give more?

-What do we have to give that is uniquely ours?

-Where do we trust enough to give more?

Also, for more information about volunteering or supporting our friends at BOGG, click here. 

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