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The Slow Dances: 6/27-28/2015

By Laura Buffington

All good records have to slow the tempo down once in a while.  The Psalms include a number of songs that reflect a slower, somber take on the world.  Joe focused on the opening riff of Psalm 40, one of the most famous laments.  

This week, if you're trying to read along, you'll find a number of Laments in Psalms 61-89. 

These Psalms remind us that God wants us to tell the truth.  In prayer.  In conversation. To ourselves. 

You may want to reflect this week on your own "Pit" experiences.  When have you been in the depths?  Did you learn anything there?  Did you experience the presence of God there?  How have those moments shaped the rest of your life?

In addition to thinking and talking about this, consider praying about it.  If you're in a darker space these days, speak it, or write it.  If you're on the other side, you may want to try and raise some thankful words to God about those days.  

You may also want to pray for others you know who need that assurance right now. 

For further reading, check out the full story of Joseph and his fancy-pants coat in Genesis 37, 39-50. 

You may also want to read Jonah's prayer in Jonah 2.  You may even want to make it yours. 

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