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Tax Fraud Found in Tree: 7/19-20/2014

By Laura Buffington

Truth be told, I'm writing this post from the mountains of Tennessee.  I'm here to spend the week with high school students who want to serve God with their lives and careers.  As awesome as this week will be, I'm sorry to miss a week of Joe Boyd teaching.  I'm sure he'll bring some good words on Zacchaeus the scandalous tax chief. 

If you missed too, be sure and read the story for yourself in Luke 19.1-10.

You'll want to pay attention to the fact that not only is Zach a tax collector, he's the chief of them. That's kind of like being called the "chief of sinners."  Tax collectors were known (way back then) for their lying, cheating, greedy shenanigans.  And this guy was the best.  

But something about Jesus made him climb a tree.  Whatever drove Zachaeus into the tax business, there was still something in him that sent him up a tree.  He was probably used to climbing after all, ladders, org charts, wealthy lists.  

Then he climbs a tree instead.  He meets Jesus.  He sees the world differently and he starts climbing down.  

Which way are you going?  Up ladders and lists?  Down from pedestals and titles?

Has knowing Jesus changed any of your directions?

You may want to read around this story in the book of Luke.  Jesus tells a lot more stories about people of wealth.  He also runs into people who are looking for more.  The stories are all good.  You may want to start in Luke 14 and keep going until you run into this one.  As surprising as it may to us that Jesus becomes such fast friends with a tax chief, it's not at all surprising when you see just how surprising Jesus is.

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