Staff & Leadership

We're fortunate to have a diverse team of talented and experienced staff who link arms to grow a community of helping de-churched skeptics live like Jesus forever. From the stage to the parking lot, our team brings their gifts and passions to every aspect of what makes SouthBrook what it is. 

Through PLAY, our staff discovered their Spiritual Abilities—gifts that, combined with the Spirit of God, make something special of God come out of us to our world. These Spiritual Abilities are noted in parens to reflect how God uses Personality, Learnings, Abilities and Yearnings in each of us to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we engage with our world and make it as God intended.

Vision Team

The Vision Team, led by Charlie McMahan, is comprised of our Lead Catalyzer and volunteer leaders who are committed to guiding SouthBrook in fulfilling its mission. The team cares for the overall spiritual health of those inside the church, and provides future direction and oversight as we seek to reach those outside the church.

Lead Catalyzer

Charlie has been the Lead Catalyzer of SouthBrook since 1992. He is driven by a deep concern for those who may feel like they don’t belong in a church and a sincere hope that anyone who struggles with faith can end up with a life that looks like the life of Jesus. Charlie loves his wife Sherry and his kids, Jordan and Austin. He also really likes sharks, sports, and reading about sharks and sports.

All emails and phone calls are directed to Rita Hauser. Depending on the nature of the inquiry, you may be directed to another staff member who is better able to assist.

Executive Pastor

Shawn came to SouthBrook in 2005 with experience in graphic design, missions, and children's ministry. During his time here, he's helped with all kinds of things from the worship experience to the color of the walls. Shawn and his wife, Amy, love watching their four kids grow (and play a lot of sports). He also has a deep affinity for Meat Loaf (the musician) and honestly, any music from the 90s.

Campus Operations

Missions & Campus Operations (Strategizer)
Campus Support Assistant (Helper)
Campus Support Assistant (Helper)
Campus Support Assistant (Helper)
Campus Support Assistant (Helper)
Visual Designer (Strategizer)
Campus Support Assistant (Helper)
Campus Support Director (Organizer)
Campus Support Assistant (Helper)
Campus Support Assistant (Helper)
Welcome Counter Administrator (Organizer)
Campus Support Assistant (Helper)
Campus Support Assistant (Helper)
Campus Support Assistant (Helper)
Bookstore Manager (Organizer)

Community Care

Lead Community Care Pastor
Prayer Leader (Strategizer)
Care & Curriculum Administrator (Organizer)
Marriage & Counseling Pastor
Family Life & Mens Pastor (Catalyzer)


Discipleship Leader (Catalyzer)
Teaching Pastor (Reformer)
Discipleship Director (Strategizer)
Group Life Director (Recruiter)

Finance & Operations

Finance Director (Strategizer)
Accountant (Organizer)
Finance Assistant (Organizer)
Systems Director (Strategizer)

Human Resources

HR & Benefits Administrator (Organizer)

Leadership Development

Development Strategizer

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications Director (Organizer)


Missions & Campus Operations (Strategizer)
Missions Administrator (Organizer)

NextGen (Kids & Students)

NextGen Leader (Strategizer)
High School Pastor (Catalyzer)
Kids Volunteer Coordinator (Recruiter)
Development Director (Strategizer)
Elementary Director (Strategizer)
Early Childhood Leader (Organizer)
Middle School Pastor (Catalyzer)
Kids Volunteer Director (Strategizer)
Curriculum & Operations Director (Strategizer)
Kids Programming Coordinator (Recruiter)

Weekend Experience

Weekend Experience Leader (Strategizer)
Worship Pastor
Volunteers & Projects Coordinator (Organizer)
Safety Coordinator (Strategizer)
Guest Services Coordinator (Organizer)
Creative Director (Reformer)
Guest Services Assistant (Organizer)
Guest Services & Events Director (Strategizer)
Producer (Organizer)
Stage & Lighting Designer (Strategizer)
Safety Director (Strategizer)

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is responsible for providing daily leadership of SouthBrook’s ministries and giving direction for execution of SouthBrook’s strategy to the staff and the church. The Team is held accountable by the Vision Team.

Business Team

The Business Team handles the financial and legal affairs of the church to ensure that we are honoring God through our use of resources and our standing in the community.

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