Every day for God is DayOne. The day when darkness becomes light and chaos becomes beauty. The day people are made new and given purpose. As a church, we want in on this kind of day. Today and everyday, we do what we do not for ourselves—but for the benefit of the Kingdom and the people in our community. To make more space. And to fill more chairs. So more people can experience the love of Christ within our walls—and beyond.


DayOne is always important. DayOne in a child’s life is like no other. DayOne in a marriage is such a celebration that Jesus performed his first miracle at one. DayOne of someone’s eternal walk is marked at a memorial service to celebrate and remember that person’s life.

We want to make room for DayOne realities in the lives of people we impact and in the lives of the people we love. At birth. At weddings. At funerals. With our God.

A big part of our building expansion is creating a DayOne chapel where we can celebrate the lives of those just born through child dedications, the lives of those joining together through marriage, and the lives of those who have crossed over to eternity. They all mark a significant DayOne. And we want to serve this community on Days like that. 

“It is DayOne in SouthBrook’s history.” 

So, how can that be true of a church that celebrated its 25th anniversary three years ago? The answer is it has to be true. When a church is our age, we have to see every day as DayOne

We want to make space for God to move.

Charlie McMahan
Lead Catalyzer


We have grown in numbers and good stories over the last few years. However, we are now pushing against our limits and running out of room due to inadequate parking, lack of building space, and a limited ability to reach more of Dayton in other communities.

These are challenges. But, challenges we welcome and are grateful to have as we serve and impact south Dayton. We’ve got big plans to take these limits on and start some new stories. It’s a BIG vision—but with much prayer and time and research, we have outlined the following plans for the next three years in our DayOne campaign:


Our journey of generosity began in 1986 when faith-filled people came together and sacrificially gave to launch this church. Over the last 28 years, God has used SouthBrook to introduce thousands of people to Jesus Christ. We don’t think God’s done. We know God wants to keep working in our families, friendships and communities, especially those who may have given up on church as they’ve known it but are still looking for God. 

But we’ve just about reached our capacity. It’s hard to welcome people when we don’t have places for them to park or worship. To grow as a church, we need to expand our facilities here at the Washington Church campus and consider reaching out to other communities in and around the Dayton area.  

We are calling you to join us in bringing faith to life and making a sacrifice for the DayOne campaign. To do so, we all need to make a commitment and give in a new way. And to cover our efforts in prayer. Our hope is that each person who calls SouthBrook their church home will give generously so more people can walk through our doors. And so more people can experience the love of Jesus. We ask you to prayerfully consider a commitment and giving to SouthBrook in whatever way you feel led.

If you would like to be a part of the DayOne movement and haven’t had the opportunity to make a commitment, visit the Information Center to pick up DayOne materials and turn in your Commitment Card. Click below for ways to give and be a part of all that God is doing in this church. For cash donations, please insert into a DayOne envelope and drop in the offering to ensure your gift is designated properly. For checks, note DayOne in the memo. For electronic donations, you can designate to DayOne in the online system.